What Is Our Mission?

The Kentuckiana Heritage Consortium supports the work of historic sites in the Louisville metropolitan area by serving as a networking base for community education and historic preservation. Most of the historic sites in the metropolitan area that are open to the public are members of the Consortium.

Who Are Our Members?

The Kentuckiana Heritage Consortium members represent sites where history has taken place in the Louisville metropolitan area. The sites are open for public tours that concentrate on the site’s history, provide educational programs for children and/or adults, and facilitate site-based historic preservation.

What Does Our Structure Look Like?

In existence since the early 1990s, the consortium’s organizational format is informal with leadership from within the group and the work of most projects is divided among members. Contact with other organizations concerned with community history is pursued as needed or desired.

Written materials are created as needed for public education. Grants and community contributions are solicited for materials requiring commercial printing and for exhibits and displays.